About me

I have always been passionate about creating a positive impact on the environment, which led me to do my PhD project in the Enviromental Microbiology department at Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Germany. Life brought me to the UK and I worked as a research scientist in a medical device company. However, my passion brought me back to what I value highly; the scientific applications working for a better environment. Most of the scientific research in environmental sciences is done either within academia or in large corporations. But I was looking for something that is applicable for any scale, large or small. I found out about the Soil Food Web and feel that this is what I've been looking for.

With the loss of biodiversitiy caused by the use of various man-made pesticides, herbicides and fungicide, the decrease of the nutrient value in food over the decades, the degradation of soil quality and the global loss of top soil that might lead to food insecurity, and climate change in general, I believe that restoring the life in the soil is one of the things we all can do to make a positive change. Be it an application within large scale agriculture, or small scale urban garden and allotment, it all counts.

I was very lucky to have a chance to join and moreover to learn directly from the Soil Food Web pioneer in the UK, Daniel Tyrkiel and his team at Soil Ecology Laboratory. While I'm continuing to support his research projects, I have also setup a certified, independent soil biology analysis laboratory and now it is my pleasure to be able to offer a soil biology analysis service here too.

If you would like to look into the biology of your soil, contact me to send your sample.