Soil biology analysis

We assess the biology of your soil, compost or compost tea/extract samples.

The report includes the biomass of bacteria, fungi, actinobacteria and oomycete (in µg/g) and the counts of flagellates, amoeba, ciliates and nematodes (bacterial-feeding, fungal-feeding, predatory or root-feeding) (in count/g).

Interpretation of the quantitative results is based on the recommended range of count or biomass for the desired plants to be grown in this substrate.

The microscopy assessments allow observation of the organisms’ morphology. And although morphology alone will not get information to the species level, which would require more elaborate and costly molecular biology assays, generally the morphology indicates whether the organisms are beneficial, potentially detrimental or are indicators of unfavourable soil conditions such as compaction. This information is also included in the analysis report of your sample.

We aim to do the assessment on the day we receive the sample, therefore please contact us before sending the samples.


"I had asked Frida from Soil Bio Analysis to perform some tests on various areas of our Market Garden and some well rotted manure that we were using.

I was incredibly impressed with the speed of the service and also the clear way in which the results were presented. It was not just a list of numbers of microorganisms, it was presented in such a way that I could see clearly the state of the soil, the reasons why and the progressions I could take to improve the soil microbe ratios.

I would highly recommend Soil Bio Analysis." 

[Sean L./Team Supervisor - Market Garden, Hampshire]

"I found your presentation very interesting and was encourage by the condition of the soil in the gardens and other areas on the upper estate. It is better than I thought it would be. Hopefully, over this next year with using our own mulch, this will improve even more. Our composting bays are situated at the edge of the woods behind the woodland car park, which I hope is a good place for mycelium to develop. In the not-too-distant future, we will be starting to use biodynamic preps in our compost bays too. Thank you for taking the time to do all the work you did."

[Liz R/Head of Estates - Garden & Grounds, Hampshire]

"Soil Bio Analysis undertook testing on soil samples from my back garden and provided results including on the quantity of bacteria and fungi in them along with an interpretation of these results, including on how the F/ B ratios in the soil suit various types of plants."

[Michael B/Home Gardener (permaculture) - Berkshire]

General instruction for sample collection

Click the pdf button bellow for the general instruction for sample collection.

We offer competitive prices for the soil biology analysis for commercial customers; discounts available if you send multiple samples. 

To raise awareness that soil biology is relevant not only for large scale farmers but also for us all, we offer special reduced prices for non-commercial customers e.g. home gardeners, community allotments and charities.

Contact us for pricing.