Soil biology analysis

We assess the biology of your soil, compost or compost tea/extract samples.

The report includes the biomass of bacteria, fungi, actinobacteria and oomycete (in µg/g) and the counts of flagellates, amoeba, ciliates and nematodes (bacterial-feeding, fungal-feeding, predatory or root-feeding) (in count/g).

Interpretation of the quantitative results is based on the recommended range of count or biomass for the desired plants to be grown in this substrate.

The microscopy assessments allow observation of the organisms’ morphology. And although morphology alone will not get information to the species level, which would require more elaborate and costly molecular biology assays, generally the morphology indicates whether the organisms are beneficial, potentially detrimental or are indicators of unfavourable soil conditions such as compaction. This information is also included in the analysis report of your sample.

We aim to do the assessment on the day we receive the sample, therefore please contact us before sending the samples.

General instruction for sample collection

Click the pdf button bellow for the general instruction for sample collection.

We offer competitive prices for the soil biology analysis for commercial customers; discounts available if you send more than two samples.

To raise awareness that soil biology is relevant not only for large scale farmers but also for us all, we offer special reduced prices for non-commercial customers e.g. home gardeners, community allotments and charities.

Contact us for pricing.